Yes I am, the Faithful Handyman.


06 Sep Yes I am, the Faithful Handyman.

How’d you do, I….. See you’ve met my….. Faithful handyman.

Handyman you ask?

Yes! A jack of all trades; a platform combining ticketing, CRM and venue management.

I recently attended the VAPAC BOMnet Ticketing & Marketing Expo and found that “convenience” seems to be every venue or box office manager’s best friend. It has previously only been on a ‘wish list’ to have the ability to utilise one platform for all aspects of venue management. Well, not anymore!

When my colleague and I returned from the expo, we reported what we had discussed with industry professionals over the previous 2 days and then (with the help of the developers) proceeded to set out a development plan to address the needs of a integrated ticketing, CRM and venue management platform. Outix will be releasing the new update in 2018.

I would personally like to thank the BOMnet organisers and host venue Kingston Arts Centre for all their work which resulted in a successful, informative and enjoyable event. I look forward to being involved for many years to come and watching the performing arts industry evolve and prosper.

The Season for Seasons.

Black Swan Theatre Company, Griffin Theatre Company and Ensemble Theatre have all Launched their 2018 seasons with many more expected in the coming weeks.

As many of you may know, the months leading up to season launches can be often mean 80-90% of days are spent setting up, double checking and finalising events. The good news is that there are solutions out there to assist you by offering express event setup, so it is sometimes worth stepping out of your comfort zone and making some enquiries.

In the coming months I will be keeping readers up to date with important industry news and technological developments, along with some light hearted jokes and random information about myself that may not be of interest to anyone.

Chookas, Nathan Kent.

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