The benefits of SMS marketing


23 Feb The benefits of SMS marketing

SMS marketing why is it the fastest, easiest and most cost effective way to reach your customers.



66People are more bombarded with visual messages today than 99ever before. Consumers are more informed, knowledgeable and disloyal than ever”.  Dr Kumar (Consumer Behaviour specialist)



In a world where we are constantly bombarded with advertising everywhere we look, cluttering the noise of social media, SMS marketing is one of the last places in marketing where you can drown out the noise and control complete focus on your brand or promotion. By getting your message direct to your target customer outside of the white noise of email, radio, social media, TV, billboards, bus shells, pop up ads, letterbox, branded t-shirts, skywriters, top 40 tracks and never-ending family advice.






By providing a small offer, be it 10% off, 2 for 1 or ‘show this message before a certain to redeem a…’ you can measure how many offers have been redeemed to how many messages you sent an track exactly how effective your campaign was. SMS marketing can now even measure click rates on links you place in the message.


warningYou can get the focus you need without the need to constantly bombard your market and only for a few cents per person! You wont find that anywhere else.




SMS marketing can pay for itself

Many companies these days are focusing on SMS marketing knowing that direct marketing will dramatically increase their ROI and is majority of the time exponentially greater than any of the other mediums available, So marketing agents will spend almost all of their monthly budget just on SMS Marketing. Unlike most other mediums, SMS marketing is at its most effective when it is to the point and can be as close to on the day of the event or promotion. This is what makes SMS marketing so effective! By keeping your message short and sweet, your message will be the one consumers will hear and remember.


Consider this:

commentFor $500 you can potentially reach over 5000 people with almost a guaranteed 85% open rate. If only 10% of those people turn up to your event or promotion, you will attract almost 500 people for $500. That’s only $1 per person. Mind you this would be considered a poor result.


66In the age of convenience, where consumers will get bored with information-rich advertising, getting straight to the point with an attractive offer of your business, you will stand out over everyone else!  Joe Kraus99



To Recap


checkmarkConsumers are more informed, knowledgeable and disloyal than ever.

checkmarkSMS marketing is very easy to track and monitor.

checkmarkYou do not need to commit into lengthy campaigns for SMS marketing to be effective.

checkmarkSMS Marketing will dramatically increase your ROI and is majority of the time exponentially greater than any of the other mediums available.

checkmarkConsumers these days prefer get to the point advertising do this and you will stand out over everyone else


Now you have the information it is time to Speak to one of our friendly staff and find out which SMS marketing package is right for you and let us, how we have with so many others, help you save money and attract the customers you want with SMS marketing.

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