Why You Need an Event Ticketing System

01 Aug Why You Need an Event Ticketing System

So you have a big event coming up that you need to sell tickets for. Why bother using some big company service instead of figuring everything out on your own? There are many reasons why an event ticketing system like Outix is handy to have readily available.



Incorporate your brand
Outix makes setting up your event and selling the tickets simple. The platform allows you to customise your landing page, optimising it to give customers easy opportunities to purchase their tickets. With an attractive touch for your brand presence, this site is perfect for capturing conversions the moment they land on the page, also giving you the chance to customise the designs to suit your branding.

Moreover, this platform allows you to upsell merchandise through an easy checkout system, increasing your sales throughout the buyer’s journey. Bookings are made simple, with a secure payment portal that customers can take a peace of mind in.


Organise your event
Through Outix, you can plan other parts of your event like stall floor plans, staffing, exhibitor credentials, public liability, and every event day management—which is especially useful to conferences or fundraisers. Additionally, the platform allows you to customise the seating chart in advance.

The dashboard is accessible anywhere you have an internet connection. The controls of your event are at your fingertips in an easy-to-understand interface that is as appealing as it is functional.


Gain an audience
Beyond the ticket sales and planning, Outix makes it easier to get the word out about your event by allowing you to use email and SMS marketing to reach your audience. You can use live analytics and reports to keep track of your customers and sales, giving you in-depth insights along the way.

Customers can choose to use a mobile, printed, or hard copy tickets; event ticket scanners ensure getting your customers in the door is fast, easy, and secure. There is also the option of a mobile box office, so you can sell tickets or products at the door or over the phone.

Take a closer look to find out how else Outix can help you take your event to new heights.


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