Integrated Enterprise Email Marketing

Email marketing has never been easier for event organizers. The Outix Drag and drop email platform allows you to create engaging email campaigns with minimal fuss. And with integrated access to your ticketing customers, you can use the power of email to build meaningful connections with your customers like never before.


We’ve taught an old dog some new tricks.

Using our SMS Platform, you can reach your audience directly through the most personal method of communication that exists in your arsenal. Our enterprise grade SMS platform allows you to send up to 10,000 SMS messages per minute through top-tier Australian telecom networks. This means you can get mobilise your customers quick and fast on event night, or spread the word fast once your tickets go on sale.


Referral & Social Marketing.

Referall Marketing
Growth hack your events by harnessing the power of your most powerful advocates – your existing customers. Through your Referral Promotion program, customers can now become individual event promoters – earning discounts, money or credits for each customer they refer.

Social Media Rewards
With Outix ‘Social Rewards’ feature, you can reward your patrons for liking and sharing your event. Effectively, activating your patrons as another advertising stream. Through research we’ve identified that 60% of online clients now come from social media, so we’ve enabled you to sell tickets directly through Facebook.


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