Live Music Events in Australia: Let’s Look at the Stats

13 May Live Music Events in Australia: Let’s Look at the Stats


Our culture is soaked in musical appreciation. It is the most popular art form in our country, and one that only continues to gain reign over the arts industry. To put things into perspective, let’s take a look at some of the current statistics in today’s Aussie music scene…

  • Live music is the highest attended art form in Australia. More than half of our country go to live music concerts in comparison to theatre/dance performances and visual arts/crafts exhibitions.
  • Digital platforms are an important influencer for music events. Online word of mouth sees around 42 per cent of music festival-goers engage in digital conversation before the event, while 53 per cent will chat about the concert online post-gig. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have become chief stations for generating discussion about live music events.
  • Popular music is the most widely-attended genre. Rock, pop, dance and country have proven to be the most popular music concerts amongst Australians, with these categories collectively attracting almost 40 per cent of attendees as opposed to classical music, opera or cabaret performances.
  • The younger generation are more likely to attend live music gigs. Around 85 per cent of Australians who go to popular music events fall between the 15-24 age bracket.
  • People tend to book music concert tickets at least three months in advance. Thanks to the development of e-newsletters and online booking systems, digital-savvy Australians are getting connected with ticketing organisations online and consequently discovering more and more upcoming events. As a result, many people are booking their tickets at least a couple of weeks before a concert, if not a couple of months.
  • Many Australians agree that music brings friends and family together. 35 per cent of people believe music can act as a unifier for families, while almost 50 per cent consider music to be a highly important part of their lives.
  • Live music has created an estimated 65,000 jobs for Australians. With live music gigs on the rise, the money spent on these events and the taxation revenue gained from them has generated around 65,000 part and full-time jobs for the public. This is a substantially bigger number than it was just 10 years ago.
  • The live music industry is worth more than $15 billion per annum to Australia. According to research undertaken at live music venues across Melbourne, Sydney, Hobart and Adelaide, in conjunction with an online survey of live music consumers, this industry is literally worth billions of dollars as it harnesses the ability to boost tourism, food and alcohol sales.
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