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14 Feb Be our valentine?

Valentines Day: The ‘April 18’ for ladies. The day of the year when social media is alit with spousal comparisons quantified in mass deforestation of various flora and offerings of confectionary. But why have we been sent into a frenzy for dying, inedible treats and...

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09 Aug Benefits of Event Marketing

Event marketing is increasingly becoming a vital element of business promotion strategies, and with good reason. Intense competition means your business simply cannot be left behind. However, beyond the necessity, there are tangible benefits that make it worthwhile for your business. Brand Exposure Constantly enhancing brand value...

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23 Feb The benefits of SMS marketing

SMS marketing why is it the fastest, easiest and most cost effective way to reach your customers.     People are more bombarded with visual messages today than ever before. Consumers are more informed, knowledgeable and disloyal than ever".  Dr Kumar (Consumer Behaviour specialist)   In a world where we...

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