Be our valentine?


14 Feb Be our valentine?

Valentines Day: The ‘April 18’ for ladies. The day of the year when social media is alit with spousal comparisons quantified in mass deforestation of various flora and offerings of confectionary. But why have we been sent into a frenzy for dying, inedible treats and edible treat designed to destroy us will cholesterol? Overpriced set menus in a sea of ‘likes’, selfies, tweets, retweets, “OMG’s” and heart-shaped emoji’s, showing to the world how much your significant other #caresforyou. Or more accurately, #mypartnerisbetterthanyourshahahalol.

But does this mean we should all throw this day of internet-fuelled romance to wind? Absolutely not! Behind the pageantry of what is now essentially a ‘Miss Universe contest for dudes’ (yes, Mr Universe is something completely different), there is an undertone of love, compassion and novelty sized giant teddy bears; the most powerful emotion of them all. There is no one that would not appreciate being showered in affection, being given that extra inch of effort, or being filled with love in any way possible. But we should also spare a thought for those who may not have someone to spoon on this night of fireplaces, Careless Whispers and soft-focus lenses.

If you are out there tonight snarling menacingly at everyone’s gloats and attention seeking, just remember, no matter what happens, there is always someone that is thinking about you. Someone who will hold you tight to the cool sounds of Kenny G: Outix. Tonight the Outix team will send out nothing but love to all over the airwaves and warmth to the hearts of all. If you are spending tonight with that special someone, remember, tonight is not an ordinary night. It is an extraordinary night. A night of excitement, love, romance which would not normally unfold on a Tuesday night. A night where we give a little extra to the ones we love. Give a little extra love. A little extra love.

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