7 Magic Steps increase your event ticketing sales.


25 Aug 7 Magic Steps increase your event ticketing sales.

Sell your event out with these simple & effective event ticketing tips.

1) Location, location, location
We hear it all the time! “I would love to go to this event but it involves a 7 day hike & trip over the Himalayas”, then you wonder why your event ticketing sales are poor! Why on earth is it at this location? “It has such good acts & artists but I have no way of getting there”! You get my point. Unless your event is a destination crowd in your own niché market, don’t put it in the sticks! Make sure it’s close to public transport, the location is prime for walk up sale & it’s in the publics eye on the lead up to the event.

2) Be Unique
Let’s get right to the point here! Be different, don’t copy the other guy! Meaning; give your events a difference, don’t just see an event that is working or copy the whole concept & rebrand it as your own. It doesn’t work that way! Find what makes your event different to rest and promote that.

3) Ticket Price
This is an over-saturated market where events are happening every day of the week! (Not that I am complaining). Punters are no longer buying event tickets when the events are released. Yes, you will have your general core fanatics that will follow you wherever you go, but punters are now spending week to week. The ticket price is a big complicated formula so there are some questions you need to ask your self. Are you a premier brand or product? Have you factored in your event budget? Have you over budgeted? Are there any other events on your date? The formula is complex, but make sure you do your homework! Once you’ve got your price levels, make sure you pass the booking fees on to the patron in your event ticketing platform.

4) Eye Candy
Eye candy is 50% of the game! If not more! The way you brand your event is how your new patrons gauge their attendance on. Everything from the look & feel of event flyers, to your promotions team & your marketing material. Keeping your event looking the part will go a long way in helping sell your event out. So don’t take the cheapest option! Make sure you invest in your brand!

5) Bring your A-Game!
Marketing has evolved and no longer will your old skool methods cut it! Yes thats right, stop living in the stone age & hire a digital marketing agency or guru! It’s my personal opinion that radio is a declining form of advertising. Why? Well the return for buck is far less than the initial invest! I would suggest digital advertising to the social media avenues. It’s not that hard to see it! You’re on your way home on a train & take a look around the carriage. 80% of people have their face glued to their phones – continually scrolling through news feeds and looking at what to do next with their lives! Google, facebook, instagram, twitter and Wechat can all connect to your event ticketing platform. You name it!

6) Ticketing platforms!
At Outix, we believe that the patrons’ first experience is from the moment they go to purchase tickets from your online ticketing platform. Choose a ticketing platform that not only promotes your brand, but also keeps that magic “eye candy” I was taking about earlier. It also needs to be a smooth & effortless buying process!

7) User Experience
Lastly! When people attend your event, you want repeat business! Don’t slack off and not give your clientele what they have been expecting from your images & marketing! Make sure all artists on that line up are presented & make sure you keep the character of the brand throughout your entire site. Keep it fun & give your patrons an experience of a lifetime.

Follow these simple but effective steps & take your event ticketing sales to a complete new level!

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